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100% HONEST REVIEW: the Best Skin Care Routine with STUNNING RESULTS!

First of all, I would like to let you know that this is 100% real review written by a skin care expert, Carrie French. It will tell you her story of how easy it was to keep her skin at its greatest condition with the "ALL in ONE" Mask Set. Let’s hear her story!  Carrie's Honest Review on FeelXo "ALL in ONE" Skincare Program  "I’m a huge fan of face masks, but I have a super lazy skincare routine, so I was really excited to try the Feelxo 5-Day All-In-One Set. The branding is on-point and just opening up the illustrated, luxurious packaging made me giddy to get started. Although not every single mask knocked my socks off, I can...

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How to skin care in summer time? No Problem!

I wonder how many of you are well aware of the danger of UV rays and how important it is to take proper skin care routine during summer time. In fact, one of the most dominant causes of skin diseases are hot, humid weather, ultraviolet light, and many others. I truly hope you can properly prevent yourself from all the negative factors during summer time and keep your beauty glowing after reading this article :) First of all, hot sunlight and strong UV rays increase the melanin pigment causing pigment diseases such as dart spots, freckles, and parched skin. In particular, collagen and elastin fiber, which maintains skin elasticity, is destroyed. Also, the hot weather make you sweat and lose...

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Skincare + Diet = Maximize your beauty

Wanna be pretty? It has always been all the women’s prior concern that they want to make their superficial appearance look more attractive and healthier. The major distract discouragement, however, is that there are too many delicious foods out there which makes you forget to diet. Even more, diet has strong relationship with having good-looking skin. The healthier you eat, the more hydrated and glowing skin you gain. To give you some knowledge on how to self-control yourself, I have found some natural “appetite suppressant” that will help your diet in a healthy way. #water You are not hungry but want to eat some snacks? That’s the situation I encounter everyday an hour after I had my dinner. When you...

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