How to skin care in summer time? No Problem!

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I wonder how many of you are well aware of the danger of UV rays and how important it is to take proper skin care routine during summer time. In fact, one of the most dominant causes of skin diseases are hot, humid weather, ultraviolet light, and many others. I truly hope you can properly prevent yourself from all the negative factors during summer time and keep your beauty glowing after reading this article :)

First of all, hot sunlight and strong UV rays increase the melanin pigment causing pigment diseases such as dart spots, freckles, and parched skin. In particular, collagen and elastin fiber, which maintains skin elasticity, is destroyed.

Also, the hot weather make you sweat and lose the control on secretion of sebum on your face. Actually, most of the usual skin concerns like acne, wrinkles, dark spots, and many others originate from having greasy skin. Your enlarged pores due to the hot weather will be clogged with all the impurities and it will penetrate deep into your face and as a result, you won’t be able to have hydrated & glowing face.


To avoid these situations that you never want to have, the most important thing is appropriate ‘cleansing’. Because of the high temperature and high humidity, sweat and sebum, pollutants, and your make-up are stuck together. Therefore, in the summer, only way you can maintain healthy and clean skin is you wash your face well and put on appropriate skin care product.

For your over-heated skin, you firstly need to calm down your skin. There are various ways to do so, but face sheet mask is most well-known for its outstanding ability on calming down your heated skin and control the skin temperature at 88℉. This temperature is very meaningful since your skin is at optimal position to be soothed and absorb all the beneficial ingredients.

Among lots of face sheet mask being sold in the market, one I would recommend is the mask made with “Coconut gel-type” sheet mask. Coconut gel-type mask, also known as “Bio Cellulose” is 100% natural sheet that is even used in medical field for burned patients to calm down their skin.

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