Skincare + Diet = Maximize your beauty

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Wanna be pretty? It has always been all the women’s prior concern that they want to make their superficial appearance look more attractive and healthier. The major distract discouragement, however, is that there are too many delicious foods out there which makes you forget to diet. Even more, diet has strong relationship with having good-looking skin. The healthier you eat, the more hydrated and glowing skin you gain.

To give you some knowledge on how to self-control yourself, I have found some natural “appetite suppressant” that will help your diet in a healthy way.


You are not hungry but want to eat some snacks? That’s the situation I encounter everyday an hour after I had my dinner. When you are like this, drink a full cup of water and see if you are still hungry in 5 minutes. Water helps to suppress your appetite ad it is effective to prevent sudden change of body temperature and also to emit impurities

It is recommended for you to drink a cup of water before & after a meal. You will be surprised by the power of a cup of water on your diet



Nuts like walnuts, peanuts, almonds, and many others prevent you from overeating by making you feel less hunger. Also, nuts are rich source of protein, fiber, vitamins B1 and B2 that are recognized as essential nutrition for your body to function properly. Nuts are also rich in vitamin E, which is good for preventing skin aging



Because apple is low calorie high fiber food, it is effective for dieters in a way that it helps to gain essential vitamins and to emit impurities out of your body. Pectin, which is the main ingredient of apple, is said to be effective in constipation by preventing the absorption of toxic substances and fermentation in the intestines by making a protective film

Remember, it’s always better to have an apple in the morning than night!



Avocado works as an excellent appetite suppressant with high unsaturated fatty acids and dietary fiber content. Specifically, there are lots of people who reviewed that avocado contribute to their constipation prevention, weight and blood sugar control. It is also rich in sulfated components such as vitamins, which helps you keep healthy looking skin



Pepper is a great natural simulator of your body metabolism which make you feel more full-bodied through the process of heating and sweating your body. This promotes calorie consumption and prevent fat accumulation. Moreover, it stimulates stomach wall, which helps to improve digestion function

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