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After thorough research on how to make one's skin healthier, FeelXo found that flowers contain high-enriched natural skin nutrition, Polyphenol

"A substance that plants create to protect themselves from ultraviolet rays.
It protects the skin cells and DNA which may be damaged by active oxygen and prevent breakdown or destruction of proteins and enzymes which are essential for your healthy skin"

Moreover, during our research & development to create the best-quality skincare products, we found the ideal mix of skin-friendly ingredients. Floral extracts are a rich source of antioxidants which are essential for nourishing and healing skin damage. We have combined these floral extracts with all natural ingredients including avocado, honey, yogurt, and many others for anyone to use regardless of their skin type. These natural ingredients included in each face mask maximize the skin care effects.

① Hydra Rose Mask: Rose + Olive Oil + Avocado

② Firming Camellia Mask: Camellia + Yogurt + Blackberry

③ Pore Care Lotus Mask: Lotus + Egg White + Lemon

④ Glowing Marigold Mask: Marigold + Honey + Celery

⑤ Charcoal Nose Mask: Charcoal powder + Aloe Vera + Witch Hazel



Ⅰ. Control of Skin Temperature

Have you ever wondered why skin is damaged so easily and looks tired? Here is the answer: your skin temperature needs to be controlled and remain constant. When your skin temperature is too high or too low, your skin can't absorb any beneficial ingredients and function properly. As a result, it leads to pores being clogged with blackheads, acne, and other ailments.

What can you do to control your skin temperature? The best temperature for your skin is 88℉ (31℃). This is the optimal temperature for your skin to absorb all the beneficial ingredients that face masks provide.


Ⅱ. Evaporation of skin-friendly nutrients

One of the major weaknesses of conventional moisturizers is that it is vulnerable to evaporation of skin nutrients. Our face masks, however, lock in all the beneficial ingredients and allow it to penetrate deep into your skin. With our products, you can experience a professional home-sap skincare regime and immediately see the results.



Feelxo was created based on two fundamental principles:

Ⅰ. Your skin needs more than one nutrient

Feelxo has spent years researching the best outcomes that can improve people's skin condition. Through numerous trials, we discovered that people's skin needs more than just one nutrient. This means it is necessary to provide your skin with various skin care treatments including hydration, nourishing, pore care, and the constant removal of black & whiteheads. When all of those skin benefits are conducted simultaneously by using our face masks, you will be amazed by how your skin condition improves.

In order to achieve this, Feelxo has created the "ALL in ONE" Skincare Program that contains 5 different types of face mask. Each mask has a different essence type:

① Hydra Rose Mask with Coconut Gel-type sheet

② Firming Camellia Mask with Microfiber Sheet(Cream)

③ Glowing Marigold Mask with Microfiber Sheet(Serum)

④ Pore Care Lotus Mask with Black Charcoal Sheet

⑤ Charcoal Nose Mask_Blackhead Remover


Ⅱ. Your skin needs quick boost

It has long been believe that applying a moisturizer before going to bed will help improves a person's skin condition. We discovered, however, that the improvement of skin by using products such as these produces very little effect. As an optimal solution for people needing a quick & easy skincare boosting effect, Feelxo has created the "ALL in ONE" Skincare Program with Face Mask that will replace all the other skincare products on your dressing table.