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Our Story

We aim to change one's stereotype of "special skincare is too complex and difficult" and reformat the conventional skincare routine by making small changes. we developed the product with the know-how of skin specialists with long experience, focusing on the basis of saving skin's natural strength, rather than on the temporary effects shown on the surface. Feelxo product is customized to provide optimal skincare solution that perfectly suits to different skin conditions day by day.


Brand Philosophy

 Feelxo, for your beauty blossoming like a flower

Flower is a symbol of feminine beauty made by the work of soil, water, wind, and sun and it is the present from nature that has long been used since past that rebounds to one’s beauty. 

Feelxo dedicates our efforts into studying wisdom of nature included in a piece of flower and develops “Floral Beauty Recipes” that contains natural ingredients, resulting in synergy effect when combined with floral extracts.

The efforts to make your beauty blossom like a flower, this is the brand philosophy of Feelxo. Feelxo’s products made through years of experiments and know-hows of skilled chemists let you show your true beauty to the world.