What makes good skincare product? The answer is 'ingredient'. Our team focused on erasing all the irrationality in the process of manufacturing skincare product and deliverinng to end user. By doing so, feelxo was able to turn those irrationalities to practical values and we decided this value should be how much ingredients we put into our serums. Starting from 830,000ppm to 1,000,000ppb, feelxo's serums are enriched with nutirion, which ultimatley leads our customers to choose feelxo.
We believe in our products. The experiment team of ours spent years to find optimal level of ingredients to put into the product and the harmony of them. Tough. After hundreds of failures, we finally came up with the conclusion and the result is what you see now. We have confidence. The confidence that our products will be fascinated by what we have created and the confidence that allows us to ask you "HOW WAS IT?".
We aim to change one's stereotype of "special skincare is too complex and difficult" and reformat the conventional skincare routine by making small changes. We developed the product with the know-how of skin specialists with long experience, focusing on the basis of saving skin's natural strength, rather than on the temporary effects shown on the surface.