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Contains 10 Charcoal Nose Masks:

  • Charcoal Nose Mask_Blackhead Remover x 10
  • PROMOTION: Pore Care Lotus Mask_Black Charcoal Sheet x 1

What does Charcoal Nose Mask do for your skin?

  • Purifying charcoal removes dirt and oil
  • It safely, but securely binds to impurities extracting stubborn blackheads and whiteheads
  • Natural ingredients nourish pores
  • More product details below

Key Features

  • A quick, easy, and effective pore care remedy
  • No parabens, No alcohols, No phthalates, No sulfates, No animal testing
  • Maximizes nutrient absorption. Feelxo's face masks are proven to be highly adhesive to skin especially when compared to other sheet mask brands

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Black&whiteheads keeps bothering you?
Try our Charcoal Nose Mask and Get the full satisfaction !
Charcoal Nose Mask_Blackhead Remover
Adhesion: ★★★★★
Blackhead Extraction: ★★★★☆

  • Gain control of grime. Remove stubborn blackheads and whiteheads from around your nose. Gently, but effectively extract skin-clogging impurities with our Charcoal Nose Peel!
Formulated with
+ Charcoal Power: Helps pull the dirt out of your pores
+ Aloe Vera: Calms down your skin & provides hydration
+ Witch Hazel: Medicinal plant that makes your pores look even smaller
Pore Care Lotus Mask
Adhesion: ★★★★☆
Viscosity(Serum): ★★★

  • Healthy pores are essential for good-looking skin. Our lotus mask shrinks large pores and infuses them with natural nutrients
  • Prevent skin problems (acne, wrinkles, and dark spots) by controlling excessive sebum and removing dead skin cells
Formulated with
Black Charcoal Sheet + Lotus, Egg White, Lemon
We are incredibly proud of our customer’s achievements and encourage you to look through and gain inspiration to keep your skin at its greatest condition
@Carrie French
"The most shocking results were with the charcoal nose mask because it does exactly what you’d expect – rip all the gunk out that’s hiding under the surface. It was so worth it! I didn’t know how clogged and bumpy my pores were until this little powerhouse proved what’s possible"
Key Ingredients
Activated Charcoal Powder
  • Sucks out Impurities from the Skin
  • Activated charcoal sucks out excess oils and stale sebum stuck within the pores
  • Naturally remove and prevent black heads
Witch Hazel
  • Natural astringent that reduces inflammation and decreases oil and redness
  • Nourish dry skin
  • Minimize Damage From Sun Exposure and Fight Signs of Aging
Aloe Vera
  • Moisturizes Skin
  • Prevents Premature Signs Of Aging
  • Reduces Acne And Helps Lighten Blemishes

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